Friday, January 13, 2012

Black Circles and a Starry Night

So while I am still figuring out how I want to organize this blog, and while I am up late writing this due to my ability of non-sleep...Insomnia (I wrote this last night at 1:30 AM). I will write here some thoughts through my dark, sleepy eyes at night, which is nice because I can see stars from my window.

Many of times have I been in a situation where I just don't know what to do anymore. I end up worrying about what is going to happen in the upcoming future. The future I am referring to can either be close by or beyond any eye but God could ever see. It's a shame either way, because I should earnestly be turning away from anxiety and turning towards our Creator. "How am I supposed to know what is going to happen?" That question that I think to myself leads to yet another question. "Should my fear of not knowing what's going to happen in my life dictate my actions and choices that I make now?" That's I think something that tugs at our hearts and we should know how to go about dealing with it, and here is where I will tell you how I have come to peace with it. How I became confident in my choices not based on fear, but in faith.
A dear friend of mine told me to read a verse one day when I was going through a time of disappointment and strife. It is one of my favorite verses in the bible, and has always been, and at this time I speak of, a reminder of who is ultimately in control and who dictates where my life will go.

  "Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."
~Philippians 4:6-7

Through this verse, if I pray and lay my concerns to Him and trust that in whatever I am doing in life, He will guide me and show me what it is He wills of me. Taking away all anxiousness from my weary, weak mind.
This is a lesson that I am always strengthening to this day, and will always continue to. It's not easy, but it makes things easier in the long run if you trust, pray, and have faith. It is something a man should do in life as we men go into the world and begin to start our families. The only way we can be the rock for our earthly families is to have faith and rely upon our stable rock and our ultimate Savior.

And so, I am beat. I hope you found this encouraging as it has and continues to be for me. There are a couple blog posts I will be writing soon on my list. One is a group challenge I have agreed to partake upon and the other will possibly be on my first film I scored for my good friend Todd Kaumans.
Until then, ignore my black circles around my eyes and enjoy the beauty of the starry night!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Beginning (Part 2)

I know, it has been a while since I last wrote a blog post. Honestly, I have never kept one up before so I am still getting used to thinking of things to write about. On one hand, I want to write about my journey as a musician. Yet on the other hand, I also want to write about certain experiences, lessons, and other everyday life things as well. I know not many people will read this, but I really think it is important for one to write. It keeps your mind going, especially at times where you can't just pick up an instrument and play. A way to express yourself is to write!

So as I said, I haven't done much to really get this blog out there to many of my friends yet, but for those who are already reading, I have a question for y'all! What would you like to hear from me about in this blog?
Just my music journey, or other aspects of my life including music? Maybe both?
I have written this to you before and probably will continue to write/say this, but I love to share things that go on in my life. There are currently people in my life where it just gives me joy to be able to share either the little things or the big things in my life with. I love to tell stories in detail. I love to talk with them. I have always been like that as a little kid.
It's funny! Most of the time, in a house full of kids, you would find me sitting with the adults and talking with them at the age of 4. All those kids wanted to do was talk about non important things that I didn't think was important to me. I wanted to do something that was important, and that included me sitting with my mom and dad and their friends and listening to conversations that were engaging. Though I didn't understand them to full capacity, I learned and grew from it. It made me who I am today and I thank God for creating in me the will to witness Christ-like character through my interactions, to want to share stories and encounters I have, to share my experiences, and not just share but exchange those experiences! I thank God for the people He has put into my life and they sure are a huge blessing to me.

And as a thought for this blog post, I want to share this. I believe that, from personal experience, all kids should be encouraged to sit down and have conversations with adults. Even if they are simply watching and listening. It grows their minds and stretches them to the point that when they hit the age of teen hood or adult hood, they will already have that maturity to carry on a mature conversation. I understand that not everyone has that personality to do so. Some people are super shy or introverted. That's okay, but I think that it helps a growing person’s maturity in some way or another.

Anyway, I want to know what you readers want to hear from me? There are a lot of things I could and would like to share non-music related!
This is why I call this blog "The Scoring Of...". It's a creative way of saying, "The scoring of my life.". Ultimately, I want to serve God through this by sharing my testimony and what God has done for me, what He is doing in my life and how He is the ultimate, perfect Sanctifier!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How I Became a Film Scorer...

So now that you know what my goal is for starting this blog I can begin with what events and people God has placed in my life to make me do what I want to do. This honestly started when I was 12 or 13.
I originally just wanted to do performance. Write my own music and perform in front of people and maybe even concert halls. And this is my big dream I had at this age, and you must know, this is coming from a kid who wanted to be a dentist for 7 years.

It was until my parents and friends I played for started telling me they could here my music in films. "Huh!" I thought, "I could never be able to do that!" I acknowledged the thought but I put it aside. It was until the day I went to an airsoft/birthday party when my gears shifted. That night, my friends and I were all surrounding the piano in the living room singing and fooling around with me at the piano of course. I could never stay away from any instrument and had to play it! My friend, who I will remain quiet of his name, brought a couple more people by and asked me to play this song I had composed, and so I did. 
Everyone seemed to be quite impressed but this one kid, who is still my best friend today and we actually work together towards our careers, Todd Kaumans' mouth was disengaged and open. He then later came to me that day and wanted to know if I would be interested in writing scores for some of his films in the future. I agreed and thus began my slow interest in wanting to do film scores. A year and a half ago he contacted me for a job to score a 9 min short film called, War Torn, that he was submitting into the worlds biggest youth film festival, ages running from 6-22 years old, representing 8,500+ people, 40 States and 12 countries. 
NFFTY is the name of the festival.

With all this going on in the course of years, my family has been the greatest encouragement to me aiming for a goal and something I want to do with my life so I owe it all to them, but I  have some very very dear and close friends who have helped me as well significantly, and I know if you all are reading this I am talking about you and I want to thank you so so much for it! It has meant a lot to me and I will never forget the words and encouraging things ya'll have done and said!
I, most importantly, want to thank God for putting these things in my life to figure out what I want to do with myself!
And so now, I am working on my second project for a film I wrote as well called, The Unknown, and the biggest project I have done so far! I will be writing of that journey very soon!
But now you know how I came to be interested in film scoring! It is a very neat  process and I love how Micheal Giacchino states it, "Music must tell a story...", and I love to tell stories. It's something I fear is losing its touch, and I, like Micheal, wish to restore that!
 (This is me and Todd being interviewed at the red carpet of NFFTY's Opening day!)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Beginning

Well, I guess I should start from the beginning before I continue anything that has happened in the past couple of months. At that note, I should probably introduce myself as well. So here we go!
My name is Vince Garbarino, and yes, I sure am an Italian! I am a musician and have been, I would have to say, all my life. I can never remember a point in my life where I felt like I wasn't or have been told I wasn't one. My wonderful, supportive parents told me I was always keen on sound and my fondness and reaction towards music as a baby. Even in the womb was I exposed to music.
God has given me a gift of music, and this is something I wish to share with my little slice of the world I live in and supremely give back to my Creator. I have always composed music since I was little and has grown into something that I want to do for a career. My goal in life is to be a music teacher and a film composer like Micheal Giacchino, Hans Zimmer, John Williams or Alexandre Desplat to name a few composers who inspire me. Which brings this blog to you, my journey, the path in which, if God wills it, will lead to my dream of becoming like one of those composers. Of course, I don't care if I don't become widely known or famous, that is not my goal. My goal is to do the thing I love and enjoy to do and share it with my family and friends who are close to me and those around me; the gift I was given.       
This blog will be my way of storing and sharing memories, thoughts, challenges, stories and my ultimate progress in this project I have embarked on. The Unknown is this project, and the links to follow our progress in that way will be given here. The Scoring of The Unknown will allow you to follow my progress as a composer, student, son, brother and a friend in composing one of my biggest compositions yet!
So please follow me and help support me as I explore a perfect and orderly world in which I am still discovering for myself in His magnificent and endless creation. :)